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The Presbyterian Church of Australia is a part of the Christian Church throughout the world. The Church’s name comes from the Greek word presbuteros, which is the word for an elder or a mature Christian leader in the New Testament. The use of the name Presbyterian reflects the Church’s aim to be faithful to the Bible’s teaching on the Church, even in the 21st Century. In its wider use, the name Presbyterian has also come to include the distinctive doctrine, discipline, worship, laws and practice of the churches which returned to Biblical standards in Europe at the time known as the Reformation.


Date of Next Meeting of the General Assembly of Australia.

September 2016

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The Pulse


The Pulse magazine has been published by the Presbyterian Church of Australia in NSW since April 2008. Distributed to churches in NSW and the ACT, with a copy for every family, 11 times a year.

New Directions


New Directions is a publication of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland.

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Federal or PCNSW Code Books

If you would like to purchase a hard copy of either the federal or the NSW State Code Books please contact Suzanne Jensen at C/- Presbyterian Church Offices?

Reformers Bookshop

Reformers Bookshop


Reformers Bookshop - Australia’s leading evangelical, reformed book store. Browse and order online from thousands of great titles.