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Part Three

John Calvin - Developing the church’s theology
Scripture: Acts 2:38-47; 1 Tim 3:14-16

Shifting from first generation reformers to the second, and to Calvin’s special contribution. Overall, the theme is another great principle of Reformation: the church - what do we view as the true church of Christ and why? i.e. bouncing off Calvin’s grand objectives in writing his 1536 Institutes: ‘(a) To convince the King of France that evangelicals were not heretics but rather they were the true church, and (b) to build up the church by the simple teaching of the doctrines of faith.’ The application will ask questions about our view of the church, the value of belonging to such and our willingness to let true gospel preaching of the church and the fellowship of the church edify us in godliness (Calvin’s great aim).



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How do I run this video from my laptop to display it on my TV … what do I need?


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