The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Australia commences tonight at 7.00pm at the Chinese Presbyterian Church Surry Hills, Sydney.

Meeting every three years, the GAA comprises of representative pastors and elders drawn from the State Assemblies and Presbyteries. Matters under the authority of the GAA include Theological Education, World Mission, Defence Force Chaplaincy, Inland Mission, Relations With Other Churches, Church And Nation, along with more standing and ad hoc committees.

Tonight David Cook will conclude his three-year term as Moderator-General and John Wilson, Clerk of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria will be installed as Moderator-General of the Forty Ninth Session of the General Assembly, a role that continues for the three years until the next regular GAA.

Any business tonight is of a routine matter, and will commence properly tomorrow, after the Assembly Communion Service in the morning.

(Gary Ware)


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