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Opening Night GAA MW 2

Opening Night Forty Ninth Session Of The General Assembly Of The Presbyterian Church Of Australia #GAA_16

It’s late, I’ve been up since 5.30am.

David Cook and John Wilson’s sermons/addresses will hopefully be online sometime soon, so I won’t go into them in depth. (from Mike... I am working on having the sermons online in the next day or so)

David encouraged us in perseverance in Gospel work; and John stressed that a heritage of faith is good, but faith in the Gospel of the cross of Jesus has to be personally owned by each generation and then graciously passed on.

Singing was great.

A focus was the appreciative individual welcome extended to representatives of other denominations by John.

The representative responses to those welcomes by John Nicholls of the Free Church and Glenn Davies of the Anglican Church in Sydney demonstrated our affinity with like-minded churches near and afar.

I spent the evening looking at the webcam on the back wall of the church.

Write and ask the Assembly for a live stream next time.

Don’t tell them I suggested it.

(Gary Ware)