(Update from Gary Ware - Check out his Blog)

Tuesday night featured the reports of Australian Presbyterian World Mission, Relations With Other Churches, and PresAID.

All three of these committees work toward developing relationships that lead to Gospel partnerships.


A feature of the APWM report was witnessing the signing of a partnership agreement with the Presbyterian work of Japan by John Wilson and Kiyoshi Endo.

Kiyoshi Endo (Japan), Thang Bwee (Myanmar), Roy Yosef (Vanuatu), and Hiralel Solanki (India) were all personally acknowledged with a presentation made by John Wilson.

During the Relations With Other Churches report we heard from Flip Buys who told us about the World Reformed Fellowship and the fostering of relationships between like-minded denominations and churches of differing cultures from around the world. Our denomination has fostered and supported the growth of the WRF, and we were encouraged to maintain this relationship. John Nicholls (Moderator

Free Church of Scotland) and David Bain told us about the work of the Free Church and Grace Presbyterian Church of New Zealand respectively. Flip Buys, John Nicholls, and David Bain were also personally acknowledged by John on behalf of the Assembly.

Finally, Bob Thomas spoke about the work of PresAID, which he pioneered and is now handing off the convenership. PresAID remits 100% of donations to the causes for which they are solicited, the denomination underwriting administration expenses. In its ten years of operations PresAID has received and distributed over one million dollars.

All in all, we started the day at 9.30am (after over half the Assembly had already attended the prayer meeting from 8.45am-9.15am) and finished at 9.20pm with two one hour breaks (plus morning tea).

A long day, but a great finish.