‘Taking God Seriously’ involves taking God’s Word seriously!

Truth Matters – God’s Truth derived from God’s Word – is vital for a proper understanding of humanity and God, and the relationship between the two: a kindred relationship at creation, a broken relationship by man in his sin, a restored relationship through the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ, the sinless Son of God, on the Cross of Calvary.

The Christian’s new life in Christ is a life of rescue from sin and the grave, a life of help from God through His Word and a life headed for Eternity.

Eight ministers of the Presbyterian Church of Australia have written the essays in this book to help us understand these and other foundational items of faith and their application to the life of faith because, indeed, TRUTH MATTERS!

$5.00 per book ($4.50 bulk price for over 10 copies) plus GST where applicable and postage.
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