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Position Statement                                                           

Superintendent, Ministry and Mission

Title:   Superintendent, Ministry and Mission


The Ministry and Mission Committee is a key assembly committee, standing behind gospel ministry within the Presbyterian Church in NSW and the ACT. Ministry and Mission supports, promotes and works to grow healthy Presbyterian Churches across NSW and the ACT.

The Superintendent of Ministry and Mission, leads the work of Ministry and Mission and is accountable to the Ministry and Mission Committee.  The object and responsibilities of the Committee are outlined in Section A7 of the Code Part III[1].

The Ministry and Mission Committee’s current priorities are as follows.[2]

Continuing to grow the capacity of the church in healthy congregations, healthy ministries, church planting and peacemaking; and:
Responding to needs within the scope of Ministry & Mission as they arise within the church and fulfilling mandated assembly responsibilities. Leadership

The Superintendent is first and foremost a visionary leader of leaders who, with a staff team, pursues the committee’s priorities and exercises influence across the church in NSW and the ACT.

The team is currently composed of:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Associate Superintendent
  • Associate Superintendent (Personnel and Cross Cultural Ministry)
  • Associate Superintendent (Training and Development)
  • Consultancy Coordinator

The new Superintendent will have freedom to shape these job descriptions and the team to better suit the Committee’s priorities.  The Committee recognises the importance of ongoing professional development in enhancing leadership and other necessary attributes, and is committed to ensuring that opportunities for such development are provided.

Applicant’s Primary Attributes

The successful applicant will display the following attributes.

  • Demonstrate a close and loving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Have a clear and passionate commitment to the gospel and the whole counsel of God’s word
  • Be an experienced ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church
  • Have a clear commitment to the welfare of congregations and leaders within the denomination
  • Be able to lead and build a staff team
  • Have strong personal resilience, being able to handle a significant workload and engage with challenging and complex situations in an emotionally healthy way
  • Maintain a servant-like approach to ministry
  • Demonstrate good relational skills
  • Be well regarded within the Presbyterian Church in NSW and the ACT as a godly and effective pastoral leader
  • Be familiar with the ministry scenario in NSW and ACT churches
  • Be able to work with non-English background congregations and groups
  • Demonstrate the ability to manage difficult situations and make necessary decisions with clarity, wisdom and grace
  • Have the capacity to understand the procedures and practices of the church in NSW and the ACT
  • Have a flexible approach to problem solving
  • Have an enterprising approach to opportunities to make gospel ministry happen

Applicant’s Secondary Attributes

  • Experience leading a ministry team
  • Ability to liaise with church office
  • Administrative competence

The Superintendent receives the standard ministerial remuneration package, including Basic Stipend with provision for travel and accommodation.  By negotiation with the Committee, the Superintendent will receive a manse allowance or a Committee-provided residence. in Sydney.

Accountability and Performance Review
The Superintendent is appointed by the General Assembly and is accountable to the Ministry and Mission Committee and therefore will have an annual performance review, which will usually be conducted in the first quarter of the year. The performance review gives valuable feedback to help the Superintendent shape their own performance and their leadership of Ministry and Mission staff.

Applications for this position close at midnight on Friday 17th March 2017.  Further information about the position (including a full job description) can be obtained from the Convener of the Ministry & Mission Committee, through Lani Zaragoza, Ministry & Mission Administrative Assistant, on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (02) 9690 9364.

The Committee intends to make a recommendation to the 2017 Assembly, with initial engagement, working alongside the current Superintendent, to commence in late 2017.